The future of death workshop residency

A 10 day workshop residency culminating in a public performance installation.

Exploring the inevitability of death captures people’s imagination, stimulates life choices, responsibility and personal growth.

Through improvised movement, sound, discussion & earth A2 will work with up to 40 local people from all ages & backgrounds, to encourage, generate & explore:

Participant recruitment

For the ICA, through advertising and word of mouth, A2 attracted 40 people; professional and non professional alike; an architect, a gardener, town planner, mother, therapist, a person with learning difficulties, a person who was unemployed, a computer programmer, a dancer, another one, a secretary, a teacher, a person with mobility difficulties - from a 90yr old to a 3yr old child.

Production requirements

This project is reliant on volunteers who are willing to participate in exploratory workshops leading to creation of material to be shared in a public performance:

Staff / recruitment process

A2 to collaborate with venue / festival education - community contact to research, attract and manage a range of diverse volunteer participants.
A general technical assistant.


A flexible 7 day workshop space to work with volunteers
Minimum 2 day access to performance space.


To be considered for an indoor gallery, foyer or outdoor space.

Duration of performance installation

c. 50mins.